Slots Games That Pay Real Money Instantly to Your Bank Account​

Welcome to SlotsRealCasino! We offer Online games that pay real money instantly to your bank account, We are striving to offer instant or same-day payouts. Here’s a breakdown of popular online slots games you can play for real money and a few online payment methods that facilitate fast withdrawals.

Blackjack Games

 A classic card game where players aim to get a hand closer to 21 than the dealer without going over.

Fishtable Games

Fish table games challenge players to shoot and “catch” different types of marine creatures on the screen. Each creature has a different point value, and the objective is to earn as many points as possible within a certain timeframe or credit limit.

Bingo Games

Online bingo allows players to purchase bingo cards and participate in games through internet platforms, either on dedicated bingo sites or as part of broader online casino offerings.

Roulette Games

Players bet on where a ball will land on a spinning wheel. Variations include-

American and
French roulette.

Slots Games

The most diverse range of games in online casinos. Some popular slots offer progressive jackpots that can yield life-changing sums.

Games That Pay Real Money, Payment Methods for Instant Payout

While the games remain constant, the speed of payout can vary based on your chosen withdrawal method:

Cryptocurrencies:  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide the fastest payouts, with transactions sometimes processed in minutes.

Venmo:  When you ricived  your money on Venmo, it will be added to your Venmo balance.You can leave the balance in your Venmo account, transfer it to your linked bank account, or use it for future payments.

Cash App:  Cash App is a popular mobile payment service that allows you to send and receive money from friends and family. Cash App has transaction limits, and using it for games or gambling purposes might quickly reach these limits, especially for larger sums of money. These limits may vary by user and region.

Chime:  This is Trustly’s payment technology, allowing players to play online casino games instantly. We accept debit card payments. You can add your Chime card as a payment method.

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Yes, our online casino allows you to earn real money.

Yes. We use random number generators on all slots to ensure fairness.

Yes, our online casino is based in the US.

You can pay with US dollars, British pounds, Euros, and more.

With a deposit bonus, you get a percentage of your deposit in bonus money. To
cash out, first make a deposit, play slots for real money, then check the

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Dozens Of Interactive Games You Can Win Real Money

vegas x

Orian Stars


Milky Way


Golden Dragon

Fortune 2 Go

Blue Dragons

How Much Can I Earn in a Day From Games That Pay Real Money?

Some games, especially skill-based games or poker, might offer higher potential returns compared to luck-based games. In games where skill is a factor, like poker or certain eSports games, your proficiency can heavily influence your earnings. Many online casino games are based on luck, and while you might have a winning streak one day, you could have a losing streak the next.

What We Offer-

Play the best games that pay real money at our one of the top online casinos platform. There are so many reasons to join SlotsRealCasino! including an emphasis on player wellbeing, extraordinary games, quick payouts, and 24/7 support,High Graphics, Instant Load.


Important Rules



anyone who is caught playing on another players account, or someone is caught playing on your account is an automatic forfeit of any wins or points accumulated. Only the player who is assigned to the account is to be playing on given account. And yes we can check to make sure it’s you playing. Please do not give anyone your passwords and do not allow others to play on your account. If caught, all wins are forfeited and we will ban you from our page.

Method of payments We have:


Maximum Cashout

  • $100 or below: $500 or 5 times of your deposit which ever is lower.
  • Between $101 to $199: $750 or 5 times of your deposit which ever is lower.
  • $200 or above: $1000 or 5 times of your deposit which ever is lower.

Minimum Cashout

Minimum Cashout is $60 Or Double of your Deposit, Whichever is Higher
At the time of cashout all points will be redeemed to 0. If you have balance points after your maximum limit of cashout, we will redeem that too and will give you 10% of the balance/leftover points

Max Payout/Day

If your Deposit upto $100, you will get $150 max a day till paid the eligible amount.
If your Deposit between $101 & $200, you will get $200 max a day till paid the eligible amount.
If your Deposit $201 and above, you will get $250 max a day till paid the eligible amount.


  • You must have more than 1 method of payment to get your cashout on time.
  • We will refund on Cash App if available to keep us from maxing out our limit to insure we can pay all of our winners. In case you wish not to be refunded, the max payout will be at $250 per day per player. .
  • Any winning during the current cashout slot will happens in next slot…
  • Bonus will be deducted from your winning at the time of cashout.

Thank you for choosing SlotsRealCasino as your trusted online fun platform

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